Mel Turner


Mel is a New Zealand based Producer with over 150 screen time hours almost exclusively with international film & TV. She has held a broad range of roles crossing over both feature and TV mediums. Amassing a body of work so solidly planted in production that it was inevitable she would be a producer. 

While most known for her work on Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings Trilogy (2001-2003), Rob Tapert & Sam Raimi's Spartacus (2009-2012), Rob Tapert, Bruce Campbell & Sam Raimi's Ash vs Evil Dead (2015, 2016) and Al Gough & Miles Miller's The Shannara Chronicles (2017). Mel is also credited for work on the BBC's Tele-Feature The Lost World (2002), The Big White (2003), Peter Jackson's King Kong (2005), The Waterhorse (2007) and Nikki Caro's The Vinter's Luck (2009). 

Fiercely dedicated to achieve high calibre results on and off the screen, Mel believes schedule and budget are not a foregone conclusion, therefore healthy and consistent communication with key crew and vendors is fundamental to the best outcomes.



Axel Paton


Axel is a New Zealand based Producer with over 200 hours of International Feature Film & TV line production skills.

With budgets ranging 5 million indie feature films to 7.5 million International per episodic TV series, he has a proven track record within the NZ film industry. 

He has worked with notable Film Industry names such as Al Gough / Miles Millar's The Shannara Chronicles, Rob Tapert & Sam Raimi's Xena, Spartacus, Evil Dead, Taika Waititi's Eagle vs Shark, and Peter Jackson's Heavenly Creatures.

One of Axel’s greatest strengths is his ability to foster a rapport with crew and production alike. The collaborative energy required to make a production hum is one of the things Axel really promotes and he has been an integral part of many international co-productions including Feature Films and Television line productions in New Zealand


Nick Bassett


Nick is a Production designer, an Emmy Award nominated Art Director, an Event designer, and has worked in the New Zealand film industry for over 23 years.

Based in Auckland New Zealand, he has worked on many high profile projects in Asia, the Pacific islands as well as back home in New Zealand.

Nick has worked on many productions, notably films such as, James Camerons Avatar, Robert Zebeck's Castaway, high profile Television series' such as; Spartacus: The War of the Damned and more recently Ash Vs Evil Dead for the Starz network.