“The expertise and quality is out of this world”

Al Gough & Miles Millar  |  Executive Producers



GROUND CONTROL is the dynamic, independent producing team of Mel Turner & Axel Paton, offering experience in frontline creativity and logistics for international film & TV studios. They offer a full production service company approach or alternatively their independent producing services.

GROUND CONTROL is dedicated to being industry to industry gateway for international enquiries about shooting in New Zealand and provide feasibility services for pre-prep stages of production, in addition to physical production services. They will help you explore the opportunities and unique value of bringing your production to New Zealand.

Mel Turner and Axel Paton formed GROUND CONTROL with the vision of direct partnerships with international industry by offering over 350 screen time hours of their first-hand experience in high calibre film & TV production, and almost exclusively for international studios & production companies. Connecting you with the right creatives and production support, they are committed to providing excellent quality outcomes and exceeding your expectations to help create your world. 

GROUND CONTROL delivers in-depth local knowledge, industry-wide network collaboration, expert crew, established infrastructure, and an incredible array of locations for total 'onscreen' value - they are your direct line to producing film & television in New Zealand. 


“Creative adaptability is why I keep coming back”

Sam Raimi  |  Director